We're missing Disney and talking about it!
Miles from Main Street

Miles from Main Street

Welcome to Miles from Main Street! We are glad you have found us. Feel free to look around and make yourself at home. Check out an entertaining episode of the podcast, read our thoughts on the latest Disney Parks news, or get comfortable and watch one of our videos recorded live for YouTube. We'd love for you to leave us a review or join our discussions on Facebook. However you choose to join us, we're happy you're here because we're missing Disney and talking about it!

Recent Episodes

Stories with a Disney Imagineer: Disneyland Tokyo and the Disney Store

June 6, 2023

Tom Thordarson has a tremendous career working on the Disney Store, Creating Disneyland Tokyo's Journey to the Center of the Earth and doing some blue sky work for Animal Kingdom's Beastly Kingdom. His work as a Disney Imag…

Drafting the Perfect Disney Theme Park - Table Service Restaurants

May 30, 2023

We're back again with our Theme Park Draft! This week we're fighting for the best Table Service Restaurants in Walt Disney World has to offer. Disney Dining is an important part of a Disney vacation and this is a great way …

Stories with a Disney Imagineer, Creating California Adventure and Indiana Jones

May 23, 2023

Working in Walt Disney Imagineering during the 90's, Topper Helmers was at the forefront of new concepts coming to Disneyland, Walt Disney World and Tokyo Disneyland. His work helped create Indiana Jones and the Temple of th…

An Announcment plus Drafting the Perfect Disney Theme Park - Attractions

May 15, 2023

We have an announcement of something upcoming and then we get into our draft. Which rides will we have in our Park? Will we concentrate on Star Wars, Toy Story, or Princesses? We have a great time discussing the rides and dr…

Drafting the Perfect Disney Theme Park - Quick Service Restaurants

May 9, 2023

We've dabbled in theming lands and parks throughout the history of the podcast and we thought it would be fun to put together our own park using the elements of the parks at Walt Disney World. This week, we take the Quick S…

Designing a Villains Themed area at Walt Disney World

May 2, 2023

Its a topic thats been talked about for a while and we thought why not take a shot a designing a new Villains area at Walt Disney World. Many people have discussed that Disney World needs a fifth gate. We'll discuss whethe…

About the Hosts

Mykhailo NahirniakProfile Photo

Mykhailo Nahirniak

Co-Host, Co-Founder and Technology Expert

Mykhailo has been a Disney lover since well into his young years. He attributes his love of all things Disney to family trips and the abundant amount of Disney movies, TV and games he had as a child. Currently residing in Madison WI Mykhailo makes his pilgrimage to the mouse annually but with the possibility of joining DVC his trips may become more frequent. In his time not devoted to Disney Mykhailo is an accomplished Lighting Designer in the Wisconsin area frequently working with high level bands and festivals around the state. He has a wonderful girlfriend (soon to be fiancé) who enjoys Disney just as much as he does. He can’t wait for his next trip! So, let’s talk about it.

Bryan LewisProfile Photo

Bryan Lewis

Co-Host, Co-Founder and Disney Lover

From dreaming in front of Disney TV specials as a kid to finally travelling to Walt Disney World and fulfilling that dream, Bryan has spent his entire life enjoying all that the Disney company has to offer. His many trips to the World Walt built have started his thirst for more Disney knowledge. Drawing from his ever-growing library of Disney books he has begun amassing knowledge for all things historical of the Disney Company. He continues to bring that knowledge to the podcast weekly through nuggets he can share related to the discussion. His biggest interest, though, lies in the parks. Bryan is always looking for the next easter egg or tidbit that will help him appreciate and enjoy the parks just that much more. Although sometimes long-winded, Bryan loves to help friends and family plan trips, along with getting there as much as he can.

When he is not dreaming of riding the wildest ride in the wilderness, he works as an accountant by day and a father by night. Bryan lives in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area with his wonderful wife, three kids, a dog and a cat. He really appreciates the time they allow him to work on this little project of his and can't wait to take them on the next Disney adventure!