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April 1, 2022

Annual Pass Is Back!

Annual Pass Is Back!

After a long hiatus Annual Passes have returned to Disney World. Fans of the program are ecstatic but not with some hesitation. If the current pricing breakdown is to be true there seems to be 6 tiers of Annual Passes Disney will be offering. As per usual these come in different price ranges and blackout date options. The more information that comes out on these Annual Passes the more we see that the Disney company wants as many options as possible for their guests.

The breakdown is as follows;

Disney Pixie Dust Pass – Florida Residence pass $399 plus tax

  •       Some blackout dates, only for Florida residence.

Disney Pirate Pass – Florida Resident pass $699 plus tax

  •       Less blackout dates, only for Florida residence.

Disney Sorcerer Pass – *Open to everyone* $899 plus tax

  •       Even less blackout dates, *open to everyone*

Disney Incredi-Pass – Open to everyone $1,299 plus tax

  •       Least amount of blackout dates, open to everyone.

This is where things get interesting;

Disney Eisner Pass – Open to everyone $4,499 plus tax

  •       Frequent Blackout dates, Erik Eisner must accompany you and point out what rides are “cool”

Disney Chapek Pass – Open to everyone $14,499 plus tax

  •       All blackout dates, extra fees include busses, bathrooms and entrance fee of $129.99

More exciting news is flowing out of Disney. They also plan on adding a dining plan to new reservations. This dining plan will only be for those guests staying at deluxe resorts. The dining plan comes with 2,000 points and is $5,699 plus tax. Points are expected to be used on coffee, breakfast, mid-day snack, dolewhip, turkey leg, lunch, desert, popcorn, desert popcorn, dinner, desert, pizza at the hotel, and comes with a complementary gallon mug that can't be refilled at the parks, resorts, water parks, Disney Springs, mini golf, or gas stations.

Disney has also announced that all food courts in the value resorts are being taken out and replaced with new merchandise shops. Bob Chapek was quoted as saying, “What’s a value resort?”

Needless to say, it’s been a very profitable April Fools for Disney. If you’ve made it this far, I applaud you. Nothing in this article is fact and should be viewed as satire. Happy April Fools everyone, may your day be filled with Disney Magic.